Just Crush Sports provides athletes and their supporters a professional, customized video experience that can be enjoyed and shared for a lifetime.

We Create Quality Video Focused on Athletes

We understand there is dedication and hours of training behind every win.  This is why we are dedicated to capturing the highlights for every kind of athelete.

At Just Crush Sports we make it possible for athletes and their supporters to relive and and share the best moments of an event through high quality video.  

Sean Emerick

Just Crush Sports | Founder

About JCS's Founder

Growing up in Northbrook, IL Sean spent his youth playing basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, track— any and every sport no matter the season.

Sean graduated with a BGS degree in Sociology with a minor in Sports Management and soon after came in touch with his entrepreneurial inclinations. Even after graduating, Sean has always dedicated his energy to athletics and helping the youth: from coaching and volunteering to his involvement in recreational leagues.

In 2018, Sean brought together his passions and founded Just Crush Sports to provide professional quality video for all athletes.

Our Team

Our highly skilled team of technicians are creative and passionate with both vision and energy. They’re quick to react and can handle filming live, action packed sports with the ability to ad-lib when the moment arises. They are experienced in capturing and highlighting the specific moment that can change the outcome of an event through the lens. And most importantly, they’re seasoned Just Crush Sports  technicians that are aligned with our mission

Our team of expert editors and videographers. - Just Crush Sports
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